My name's Marhi and I'm a 16 year old bisexual residing in Illinois. And no, I don't live in the big, amazing city of Chicago, but rather a small town area where the most exciting things that happen revolve around the Facebook statuses of cheerleaders. I'm pretty blunt, but also friendly and somewhat a puppy kind of way, not a romantic kind of way. I have an obsession with tattoos, guitars, and photography. I love Kristen Stewart and indie films/music. I work at Goodwill and I looove it. My family isn't exactly "well off" in the money department, but we make the most of what we do have. I'm a hopeless romantic, yet I don't believe I'm meant to fall in love. (contradiction?) I read and write quite a bit and take TONS of pictures. Hoping to get a DSLR someday. I love my friends and family...and my computer. XD Feel free to say hi or any random thing that pops up in your brain in my ask box! <3